Natural. Therapeutic. Pure.

Introducing Solas Essentials Collection.

A range of natural, therapeutic, handmade products made with 100% Essential Oils.

The products range from skincare to healing sprays to perfumes.

Simplify your products. Simplify your life.

Paraben Free. Formaldehyde Free. Cruelty Free. Synthetic Fragrance Free. 80% Organic. Toxin Free

Nourishing to your Skin. Healing for your Soul. Soothing your senses.


ALL ingredients used in Solas products are listed and you will recognise every one.  We take the time to find the best ways to create and blend a product without having to use preservatives and other nasties.

Have a peek at what’s in the skincare products you have right now. Are there ingredients listed that you just don’t understand? Awareness of ourselves and of what we put on and into our body is becoming much more important in todays busy, synthetic loaded world.

We hope you enjoy using these indulgent handmade products and feel the intention which has been put into each one. Our body and mind deserves something pure and fresh. We only have one so be kind to you. Every little counts.

Contact : 0411 293 464