Solas is an authentic, pure and simple business where I believe less is more.  

Awareness of what we put onto our skin or use as a spray is important as it is absorbed by our delicate body. Each Solas product uses a specific essential oil blend. They are made with loving energy and lightness with the intention to work on a physical and emotional level.

With every Solas product you will understand the ingredients and love the scent that you inhale. You will not only love the scent, take a moment to notice the powerful effects of the specific essential oil blend.

The name Solas means Light in Gaelic and comes from my Irish background.

I started dabbling with essential oils when working as a massage therapist and would create blends for my clients specific needs at the time. The combination of looking for 100% natural skincare for myself and my move into motherhood in 2014 inspired me to learn more and create these products on a deeper level. I wanted something authentic to use on myself and my growing family. Especially the pure skin of my babies.

Solas started with 4 simple Healing Sprays that were created for my massage and yoga business. After a year of creating different creams and massage blends, asking friends to use them and provide feedback I soon knew it was time to bring Solas more into the light and online.

If you are looking for some natural, high vibration products for yourself or others then have a browse through the SHOP as there is something for everyone.

Be kind to you,

Daphne, xx